White Fused Alumina products


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Basic Info
Model NO.: white fused alumina
Usage: Polishing, Grind, Sand Blasting
Color: White
True Density: >3.90g/cm3
Mohs Hardness: 9
Origin: China
Material: Alumina
Customized: Customized
Crystal Colour: White
Bulk Density: 1.75~1.95g/cm3
Knoop Hardness: 2200~2300kg/Mm2
HS Code: 2818109
Product Description
White Fused Alumina is white colour and a little higher hardness and toughness comparing with the brown one.
Application: The grinding tools made of this material are suitable for fine grinding of higher carbon steel, high-speed steel and stainless steel. Abrasive powder of finer grit sizes can also be used for precision casting and high-grade refractory materials.
White Fused Alumina
UsageFor vitrified wheelsFor Resinoid BondFor Coated Abrasives
Type & GradeWAWA-BWA-P1
SymbolRange of the GrainChemical Composition(%,by weight)True DensityShape of the Grain
WAF12~80≥ 98.50≤ 0.40≥ 3.90Blocky
F90~150≥ 98.00≤ 0.40
F180~220≥ 98.00≤ 0.40
F230~400≥ 97.50≤ 0.50
F500~1200≥ 97.00≤ 0.60
WA-BF12~80≥ 99.00≤ 0.40≥ 3.90Blocky
F90~150≥ 98.50≤ 0.40
F180~220≥ 98.00≤ 0.40
F230~600≥ 97.50≤ 0.50
WA-P1F16~80≥ 99.00≤ 0.40≥ 3.90Needle Shape
F100~150≥ 98.50≤ 0.40
F180~400≥ 98.00≤ 0.50
F500~1200≥ 97.50≤ 0.60White Fused Alumina products