Aluminum alloy sheet price


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1.Janzu aluminum cold rolled aluminum, cover products brand from 1100-5060 series. Janzu also offer customized aluminum rolled material and cut flat aluminum sheet.
2.The sheet is cut by advanced machine and it is flat and accurate size. The aluminum Is protect by PE film. When shipping, we offer wooden pallet for easy unloading.
3.Janzu rolling raw aluminum sheet is with good price advantage and high quality. We have exported such material to over 10 countries with more than 8 years’ experience.
4.Each batch aluminum products aluminum cut sheet all with a certificate name out the material name and material test report.
We welcome the big scale cooperation at raw material since the aluminum raw material is little margin. The min order should be 5 tons
Jinzhu Aluminum Industrial, one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various high quality aluminum products, now bring you the famous brand cold rolling raw aluminum sheet at competitive price. We can offer you mature solution and also deal with customized business. Welcome to check the quotation with us.Aluminum alloy sheet price